Sunday, January 23, 2011

What is vowel? (Apa itu vokal?)

Hello Buddy, How are you? Still fine certainly. Now I am going to share a little bit the meaning of vowel or vocalic phones. I hope you are happy to read this post. Enjoy read :-) Crystal asserts that vowel is also part of speech sound where the other being consonant. A vowel is produced without completely closure or so restricted then resulting in friction. The air flow of vowel is come out trough the central of the tongue. There are two kinds of term depend on the way how to produce vocalic sounds, they are oral vowels and nasal vowels. Oral vowels, if “the air escapes through the mouth”, but if “some air simultaneously released through the nose, the vowel are nasal” (1997:415). Technically, these sounds are known as vocalic phone, which are, for example: [a, i, u, e, o].


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