Saturday, January 15, 2011

The unpretentious tips for browsing

Howdy Netters? Hope you are well. Now I am going to share concerning how the simple way for taking browse in the internet using google search engine. Not too much, but i believe it is useful for the new comers and especially the newbie like me. I don't know how to represent this tips in the good sentences very much. In other you will know this tips and NOT TRICKS (because i don't like to be a TRICKERS) when you read this post exactly. Check it out Buddy :-)

I don't want to say to much, just do the bellow things and find out by your self about the benefits.
  1. Use quotation mark when you type  a word or phrases in google box menu. i.e: "papua green"
  2. Use the word info: and followed by URL i.e:
  3. for number two you will get more information in the following.
Thank You. Hope this is Important for you :-)


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