Tuesday, January 25, 2011


How are you Buddy? In this chance I will talk a bit concern syllable. I believe that all of you has known about this term. But how if we try to read more definition of syllable as our deep knowledge? and make an conclusion of how the easy way to determine syllable brake is? Syllable is a larger unit than a single sound of pronunciation and smaller unit than a word (Crystal, 1997:373). A syllable consists of two main elements; they are onset (O) and rhyme/rime (R). Onset may know as consonantal in the word initial of syllable. While in rhyme, is still divided into nucleus (N) and coda (C). Further information, coda would normally be consonants (in the word final of syllable) whereas nucleus is vowels, for example word [in] ‘in’, sound [i] is nucleus whereas [n] is coda. Beside that, there is easy way to determine syllable brake is by finding the number of their vocalic phones in one word, i.e mengapa 'why' (Indonesian language). In that, word we found three vocalic phones in it. So the syllable brake becomes me-nga-pa. Just easy isn't it? :-)


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